Basic Scooter TroubleShooting

Below are basic troubleshooting tips for your scooter. Remember to also consult your owner's manual for more detailed instructions. Your scooter won’t power up: Make sure the key is fully inserted and turned on Make sure the battery box is seated correctly (tight and secure) on travel scooters. If it is a full size scooter, check to make sure all battery terminals are connected. If this is the initial set up of a full sized scooter, check to see if there are terminal covers on your batteries. Terminal covers must be removed for your scooter to take and hold the charge....

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Welcome to Dynamite Travel Scooters

Welcome to Dynamite Travel Scooters! Here you will find the finest selection of mobility scooters that we've hand picked for you to use every day but more importantly while you're traveling! Please stay tuned for updates and information on the latest products and trends in mobility scooters!

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