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Christopher Re

Pros: I got this scooter to help me get around better. And after being a passenger for over 15 years I'm able to take myself places I used to have to ask for help to go.
It drives beautifully so far! I use it to take myself to work and back and take my daughter to school.
It's a real head turner too everybody loves it and takes pictures. Everyone who sees it or drives by always has a huge smile on their face and it's hard not to smile as you drive it as well. Overall I love it.
There were a couple of concerns when I received it BUT DT scooters and Green Transporter both worked together and resolved it quickly and with sincere customer service!

Cons: Definitely do not outweigh the pros, As it says in the description it's shipped freight and there is a possibility of a couple scratches, the charger cord was not shipped with the Scooter and I had to wait a whole 2 days to get it. (Not even enough time for the battery to die.) there was a latch problem and they are sending a new one, and this thing comes in a metal framed crate have someone there to help you take it apart and install the bumpers especially if you have more severe physical limitations.

Overall I am happy with my scooter and customer service I would recommend this for anyone who wants to get around no matter the weather.

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate you listing the pros and the cons as this will certainly help future customers in making their purchasing decisions. We are happy to hear that overall you love your Q Runner and that you have gained your independence back, 15 years is a long time!
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