Breaking the Stigma of Scooters

It can be very challenging to get around with ease when dealing with a disability. The world has become more accommodating over the years, but it still poses a problem for a lot of people. Mobility scooters help some people tremendously, however there is still such a stigma behind it, especially for younger people. 
When people think of scooters, they envision the elderly, someone visually disabled or morbidly obese. When a person who doesn't fit into these boxes requires the use of one, they are met with stares of disapproval and assumed to be lazy. Instead of getting the help they may need from a scooter, most suffer through as to not deal with the embarrassment, and that is not fair. 
There are numerous health issues that don't manifest physically and affect all ages. Judging a person's use of a scooter based solely on their outward appearance is not only insensitive, but it puts a lot of pressure on a person to perform as "normal".
Scooter manufacturers are leading the way in helping to remove this stigma by making them in more sleek, modern designs and colors that fit into the lifestyles of all ages. Scooters are also more affordable than ever, allowing more people access to the mobility they deserve to live an active life. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding scooters and allow us to help you decide on the perfect one for your needs!  

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