Celebrity Edge's Magic Carpet Offers New Technological Accessibility

If you have traveled on a cruise vacation with your scooter you probably know that ports that require a tender can be very challenging. For those who may not know what a tender is, some ports do not allow large cruise ships to dock because of the size of the ship, size of the port, or other reasons. Because of this rule ships have to anchor in the sea/off shore and use small tender boats (which are smaller boats) to take cruise passengers to the docks at the port. In the past it has been quite difficult for those who have scooters or wheelchairs to even get off at these port destinations because of the extra rules and limitations that tender boats have. However, the Celebrity Edge ship has a new technology feature that is going to change the vacation experience for those with scooters! This new technology feature is called the Magic Carpet and features a platform that moves vertically up and down the ship from deck 2 up to deck 16.  The Magic Carpet is approximately the size of a tennis court and can hold up to 100 travelers at one time! With this feature, when the ship has to dock off shore scooter riders will be able to use the Magic Carpet to safely disembark onto the tender boats giving them the opportunity to experience the port destinations and sight-see!  

DT Scooters wants to remind you that it is very important to review your scooter specifications and the specifications of the Celebrity Edge, Magic Carpet, and tender boats before you leave for your vacation. Also, keep in mind that the final decision for you to board the tender is held at the discretion of the Captain (conditions at sea could prevent you from safely boarding the tender) as the passenger’s safety is always the highest priority. Last, the Magic Carpet is a great new feature, but it does not guarantee that you will have the ability to board/use the tender boats.

DT Scooters is very excited about this new opportunity for scooter riders! Contact us today to purchase your new scooter and book your next cruise on the new Celebrity Edge!

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