Dynamite Detail: DT Scooters' Top Airlines Picks For Scooter Riders

Some of us love to travel and others may hate it but one thing we can all agree on is the airline and/or your flight can make or break your travel experience. Therefore, we have provided what we consider to be our top 3 airline choices for scooter riders below!


We love JetBlue as a preferred airline for scooter riders because of the leg room! This airline boasts that they have one of the most spacious areas for legroom within the industry! Having more legroom can help those with mobility issues with sitting down and standing up from their seats. More space also helps us to calm our anxiety if we’ve had a not so good experience in the airport and/or before the flight.


We love Southwest as a preferred airline for scooter riders because they are usually extremely devoted to paying special attention to those with mobility challenges but allowing them to board before other passengers. This may seem like a small gesture but having extra time to board the aircraft and having free reign at selecting the seat that works best for you can be invaluable!

Virgin Atlantic

We love Virgin Atlantic as a preferred airline for scooter riders because they have accessible bathrooms! This extra space can make an essential task much easier! We also love Virgin Atlantic because they strive to be accommodating to travelers with various challenges including mobility challenged travelers along with visual, hearing, and mentally impaired travelers!

There are many choices when it comes to airlines, but DT Scooters feels that those that do a good job at assisting scooter riders should be highlighted and commended! Contact us to purchase your new airline approved scooter and to book your next vacation!

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