Dynamite Detail: The TerrainHopper - The All Terrain Mobility Vehicle You Need To Know

New to the market is the TerrainHopper, a brilliant all terrain mobility vehicle that is unique within its class!

The TerrainHopper is an electrically powered off-road all terrain mobility vehicle with a creative design, innovative technology and breathtaking performance. The TerrainHopper is engineered to be able conquer all types of terrains including but not limited to: deep mud, soft beach sand, snow, rocks, and steep hills. The TerrainHopper has a ground clearance of nearly 10 inches and a 35 degree climbing capability and some have coined it as a “mini Land Rover”. If you enjoy the outdoors and adventure and are looking for a mobility option that can take you everywhere you want to be, the TerrainHopper is the best on the market! Contact us today at info@dtscooters.com to learn more about the TerrainHopper!

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