Dynamite Details: Travel Scooters

We're sure that you can guess by our name that we love travel so this blog post is a joy to write for you! If you’ve browsed our website you’ll find that we have airplane approved and cruise friendly categories. These two categories fall under the group of scooters that are otherwise known as travel scooters!

We think that Travel Scooters are great and can be very beneficial to those who like to get out and travel! Travel Scooters that are airline approved can also travel with you on your flights! There are even scooters available now that you can store in the overhead compartment on some airplanes! Travel Scooters are known to be exceptionally compact, lightweight, and portable. Most Travel Scooters work well indoors and outdoors on smooth/flat/level terrains. Travel scooters also work well with riding through narrow spaces because of their small size (perfect for cruising!). Most Travel Scooters are foldable and can be easily stored in your vehicle, closet, or other spaces.

DT Scooters thinks that travel scooters are great for riders who:

  • Enjoy traveling, exploring, and experiencing new adventures
  • Appreciate having independence and mobility while traveling
  • Will encounter relatively smooth/flat/level terrains while traveling
  • Want a lightweight, compact, portable scooter
  • Are 250 lbs or less and 5’10” and under

If you think you meet the criteria contact us today to purchase your travel scooter and book your next vacation using your travel credit that you earn when you purchase a scooter from DT Scooters!

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