Dynamite Details: All-Terrain Scooters

What is an all-terrain scooter? Sure, we’ve all heard the name, but do we really know what it is? Dynamite Travel is here to provide details for you!

All-Terrain scooters are four-wheel scooters that are known for their stability and durability. Because of their size they are mainly only used outdoors. All-terrain scooters are not easily portable (most will fit on a vehicle lift) and do not disassemble. Some might consider all-terrain scooters to be the “ATVs” of scooters! All-Terrain scooters are great outdoor riding on various types of terrain from sidewalks to farms and more! Typically, all-terrain scooters have large wheels and higher ground clearance which is what allows them to be more terrain friendly than other types of scooters. Most (but not all) all-terrain scooters also come equipped with front and rear wheel suspension which helps to deliver a smoother ride. All-terrain scooters generally come with lots of bells and whistles that include (but are not limited to) rear-view mirrors, headlights and tail lights, and turning signals. All-terrain scooters are not legal to ride on the street in most areas but can be used for open/rural areas, trails, campuses, complexes, trails, and large subdivisions/neighborhood communities. Dynamite Travel thinks that all-terrain scooters are great for riders who:

  • Need a higher scooter option that has high ground clearance
  • Are looking for a scooter with a higher weight capacity
  • Are looking for a scooter with a larger seat
  • Are looking for a faster scooter that can also travel a long distance on one charge
  • Like to explore outdoor and off-road terrains

If you think you meet the criteria contact us today to purchase your all-terrain scooter!

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