Dynamite Details: Heavy Duty Scooters

Is a heavy duty scooter appropriate for you? We will provide a high level overview to provide you with information to help you make an informed decision!

Heavy duty scooters feature larger seat widths and offer great stability. Most heavy duty scooters are more durable than other scooter types and can also travel at faster speeds. Heavy duty scooters can be equipped with captain’s chair seats, large seat cushions, armrests, swivel seats, and more! Some heavy duty scooters can be disassembled but this is not recommended because the task can be time consuming and challenging. Heavy duty scooters can work well for indoor and outdoor travel and for those who don’t travel by air you can take your heavy duty scooter along with you on road trips if you have an appropriate carrier/lift! Heavy duty scooters are not legal to ride on the street in most areas but can be used for campuses, complexes, trails, and large subdivisions/neighborhood communities. DT Scooters thinks that heavy duty scooters are great for riders who:

  • Weigh up to 500 lbs
  • Prefer a scooter with a faster speed and longer travel range
  • Value stability and durability
  • Prefer a wider seat
  • Value ground clearance and incline

If you think you meet the criteria contact us today to purchase your heavy duty scooter!

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