Dynamite Details: The Kosher-Certified Amigo Shabbat Scooter

We would like to share with you a wonderful technological advancement in mobility scooters for those who are members of the Jewish community!

The Amigo Shabbat is a Shabbat-approved, Kosher-certified scooter that meets the Halakhah requirements (Jewish religious law). The Shabbat scooter’s intricate technology allows individuals to use their scooter and worship at their synagogue during Shabbat, removing barriers for those who may have mobility and/or disability challenges.

The scooter is approved and certified based on the fact that when in Shabbat mode the scooter rider does not have to take any direct actions to operate it. The Shabbat Scooter has a switch that can go from Normal to Shabbat mode. This switch is spring loaded, and the toggle lever has to be lifted before it can be changed to the other position. This prevents any errors or accidents from happening between the two modes that might cause the rider to go back to Normal mode during Shabbat Once this switch is activated the scooter has a software that is designed to make the startup go through a timing circuit. This action allows the user not to directly activate the motor thereby allowing it to be approved for Shabbat. When the timing circuit is complete the Shabbat mode closes the motor circuit and the system is programmed so that scooter operates at a very slow speed allowing the rider not to have to touch the throttle lever.

This is groundbreaking technology because the Shabbat scooter has allowed those in the Jewish community that may have mobility challenges to still participate in Shabbat services.

If you would like more information on how the Amigo Shabbat scooter operates or if you are interested in purchasing a Shabbat scooter please feel free to contact DT Scooters!


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