Dynamite Detail: Three-Wheel Vs Four-Wheels Scooters

For those of you who are purchasing a scooter for the first time you may feel overwhelmed with all of the features that are available including the option of having three or four wheels. We have provided information below that may help you to make an informed decision!

Three-Wheel Scooters:

These scooters tend to be smaller and more compact than four-wheel scooters. As such, they are usually able to have better maneuverability and turn in less space than four-wheel scooters. Some may have concerns with a three-wheel scooter not being stable or may have fears of these scooters tip over. You can rest assured that there are some three-wheel scooters that feature anti-tip wheels and extra smaller wheels to help provide more stability.

Four-Wheel Scooters:

These scooters tend to be larger in size than three-wheel scooters. As such, they typically can be used on various types of terrains and come with increased stability. For those who enjoy a comfortable ride the four-wheel scooters can sometimes have the option of upgrading to deluxe seats such as a captain's chair which makes for a smooth comfortable ride. Four-wheel scooters are for the riders who enjoy comfort and smooth suspension.

Hopefully this information will help you to decide which scooter is best for you! You can always feel free to contact us at info@dtscooters.com or visit our website www.dtscooters.com to make your purchase!

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