Four Tips For Scooter Cleaning

We believe that your scooter is an important investment; therefore, we have listed tips for you to follow on keeping your scooter clean below!

Remember that your scooter should be cleaned daily if it is used on a regular basis (especially if used outdoors). Always be sure that the scooter is turned off before you clean the scooter. For your first few cleans it is recommended that you review your owner’s manual first for specific cleaning instructions.

  1. Be careful of liquids when cleaning – As you are cleaning make sure that you do not get any electrical components wet with water or any other type of liquid solution. You can help to reduce this risk by not spraying any liquids directly onto your scooter. Instead spray the liquid solutions (or water) onto your cloth first and apply that to your scooter.
  2. Wipe exterior parts with dirt and dust carefully – It is recommended that you use a soft cloth (such as microfiber) to clean the exterior parts. The cloth used for cleaning should be dry.
  3. Clean exterior parts with sticky substances – For sticky substances you can use a cloth with water first to try to remove the substance. If that does not work, you may try a cleaning solution. We recommend that you purchase one from an auto parts store (do not use wax). It is not recommended that you use bleach or any other cleaning solution that may be abrasive as it may damage the paint on your scooter.
  4. Cleaning tires – Use your fingers to try to remove any rocks/pebbles/debris from you tire tread. Be careful as to not use any cleaning tools that may puncture your tire. Also, as good as it may look we recommend that you refrain from using armor all or any similar cleaning/shining solution as it may cause your tires to become slippery and put you in danger while riding.

Dynamite Travel recommends that you also purchase a scooter cover to help to keep your scooter clean and protected. Please feel free to contact us about the perfect cover for your scooter or if you have additional questions about cleaning!

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