New App Helps Travelers With Mobility and Accessibility Challenges

At DT Scooters we wholeheartedly believe that traveling should be a blast! However, there are times that people with mobility challenges may experience challenges that may sometimes include lack of accessibility.

We have great news about a new app that is striving to make those challenges disappear. The new app is called Access Earth and operates similar to the well known website called TripAdvisor. The Access Earth app allows those with mobility challenges and/or disabilities to rate hotels, restaurants and other major tourist attractions.

The App was created when the founder encountered an unfavorable experience with a hotel that claimed to be an accessible one, but when the founder arrived he discovered that he could not even roll his wheelchair through the front entrance.

Users who download the Access Earth app have the option of answering yes or no to questions that relate to the accessibility of hotels including their bathrooms, stairs, elevators and other facilities. The app users can also leave a review based on their experiences. The app is revealing information that those with mobility and accessibility challenges already know: many hotels claim that they are disabled-friendly and accessible, when they really are not.

Since the app is still relatively new there is not much recorded data to show how effective it is however, we thought it was worth sharing! Contact us at DT Scooters to purchase your new scooter and to learn more about accessible destinations and hotel properties!


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