Scoot To Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most talked about destinations in the world known for its casinos, shows, bright lights, and endless dining options. What is not talked about as much is why Las Vegas is a great option for scooter riders. Therefore, we will provide information below on why Las Vegas should be on your list of places to visit!

The Strip

Do we really need to say anything further? The strip is where all the magic happens! It is a long stretch of a street/boulevard that houses hotels, restaurants, theaters, amusement attractions and more. Most of the strip is smooth and scooter-friendly! While others may get tired of walking or being stuck in traffic, you can scoot right along on the sidewalks! If you decide that the trip is too long to take or the elements are too intense you can also use public transportation on the strip which is wheelchair/scooter accessible!

The Casinos

For those who enjoy gambling Las Vegas has a myriad of casino options where you can do most of your gaming sitting comfortably in your scooter (especially if you like slot machines). This is an activity that takes minimal effort and is indoors (you can avoid the elements)!


The Attractions

From shows to museums to amusement attractions (like the Fremont Experience), there are so many options for activities that you can experience on your scooter! For those who are more adventurous you can also venture out to the Grand Canyon and/or Hoover Dam! We recommend that you check with us (or your travel advisor) to make sure that your selected tour is scooter-accessible.

There is so much to do in Las Vegas that it’s not reasonably possible for you to cover everything in one trip. This means you could make this a yearly trip or just plan to go every few years! The thing we love best about Las Vegas is that there is always something new, so it never gets old! Contact us if you’d like assistance with picking out the scooter that would be perfect to explore Las Vegas and to book your Las Vegas vacation!

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