The Rise Of Urban Scooters

Here at DT Scooters we value mobility for everyone and that includes urban commuters! The use of urban scooters have been on a rapid rise over the last few years as people have really caught on to this new trend! With some scooters reaching speeds as high as 20 mph customers have been won over on the concept of commuting and learning that scooters can make a stressful commute much easier! Below we have provided general information on urban scooters! Urban scooters first started to show up in California but since then have grown and quickly expanded. Now urban scooter riders can be seen all across the US from Portland to New York!

You may ask, how are urban scooters regulated? Most areas were not prepared for the rapid growth of urban scooters. Some places have already banned the use of them. Cities are now trying to make sense of what type of laws and rules should be put in place for urban scooter riders. To date there have been accidents reported because of scooter riders colliding into pedestrians on sidewalks or cars on the road. Most cities allow electric urban scooters on the road. Similar to the use of a bicycle, scooters are considered vehicles and can share the road with regular traffic. However, when riding on the road scooter riders must adhere to traffic laws. Each city and state may have different laws and rules so it is highly recommended that you take some time to read up on the requirements before you start riding. As a general rule, scooter riders are encouraged to use bike lanes when they are available or the road. Riding on sidewalks is not recommended, because there is a higher risk of being harmful to pedestrians.

Most cities don’t require riders to use a helmet, but DT Scooters recommends that urban scooter riders wear one. We highly encourage riders to follow all traffic laws, including signs and signals, use both hands while riding, and don’t wear headphones so that you can pay full attention to your surroundings without distraction.

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