Tips For Navigating Cuba With Your Mobility Scooter

Cuba! It’s known for it’s culture, history, cigars, and much more! So this should be a destination that everyone can enjoy right? Well DT Scooters has found several great scooter-friendly options for you to participate in while traveling in Cuba!

Cuba is a destination that does have areas that have not been restored or updated. Therefore, riders should take caution when riding on some streets and pathways. The silver lining here is that Cubans are very very friendly and accommodating! We would like to highlight several good places of interest that you can thoroughly enjoy!

Jardin Botanico National

This garden is close to Havana and has a variety of trees and flowers from all around the world! The grounds are scooter-friendly and you can tour this attraction on your scooter!

The Beach – We Recommend Varadero Beach

Cuba has some of the best beaches in the world! The sand is very white and the waters are beautiful! Some of the beaches (including those in Varadero) have ramps making it easier for you to get closer to the action!

Dining – We Recommend La Guarida

Restaurants are sprinkled throughout the country on almost every corner! This is a fun activity that everyone in your group can enjoy! They also have food trucks and food carts that you can roll right up to and order from your scooter! Some dishes that you should try are the frita, roast chicken, and of course rice and peas!

Classic Car Hire

Last but not last, please don’t leave Cuba without taking a ride in a classic car! There are many private driver options available for you to hire your own driver and ride around in the classic car for the entire day! This driver can also come in handy with helping you to tour the city and get around to places that are not as accessible. Contact us to get connected with the best local drivers and tour guides in Cuba!

Cuba is a gem that is worth your time to explore! Don’t let any mobility challenges that you may have hold you back from enjoying this wonderful country! There are important tips and guidelines that you must follow before traveling to Cuba. Feel free to contact us to learn more and also contact us to learn which scooters would be best for your Cuban vacation!

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