Triaxe Tour Scooter Rider Review of Carnival Liberty

I had the opportunity to sail on the Carnival Liberty with the Enhance Mobility Triaxe Tour scooter and had a blast! In this blog I will detail my experience with the cruise and the scooter!


The embarkation process was very easy. They had accessible lines for those on scooters and they were all very short. The Triaxe Tour easily maneuvered throughout the cruise port lines. There was one slight challenge and that was the ramps. Some of them were very steep. For the steeper ramps I found it easier to go up them backwards (with help to guide of course).


Once I arrived to the stateroom I was pleased to find that the Triaxe Tour easily fit through a regular sized stateroom with inches to spare on both sides. While the scooter did not fit under the bed it could easily fit (standing up) in the closet for easy storage. This was a great benefit so that I did not have to leave the scooter unattended outside of the stateroom.


The Triaxe Tour easily fit in the elevators but the challenge was catching elevators that were not full. It was easier to go into the elevators backwards so that you could easily ride off. It definitely helped to have a travel mate that could hold the elevator doors open as I rode into the elevator.


Meals in the dining rooms were quite pleasant. The staff allowed me to ride my scooter up to my table and leave it there while I dined. Not once did I have to park it somewhere else and I was happy about that! The buffet dining was a bit more difficult as more maneuvering was required to weave throughout the masses, but I found that the people in general were very friendly and accommodating. One tip that I have is to be mindful of the floor as I did see some areas that were wet (from spilled drinks/food).


The theater had plenty of options for scooter riders especially towards the back where you could park your scooter next to the aisle where the seats were located and sit right next to your scooter and it was out of the way of other people. The lobby also had several seating areas that were easy for scooter riders to move from their chair to another seat and enjoy the lobby activities. The casino layout was very conducive for scooter riders to enjoy gaming as well!

Nassau Port:

This port was quite scooter friendly as far as terrain goes; however, the crowd was huge as there were 5 ships in port on the day that we went to Nassau. I am not sure that I would recommend exploring on a scooter with that many people in a port.


This process was just as easy as the embarkation process. Similarly, there were dedicated lines for those who needed special assistance. In total the process took about 15 minutes from our room to the transportation area at the port.

The Triaxe Tour was the talk of the ship as other travelers were impressed with how well the scooter navigated throughout the ship, its size, and portability. If I had to do it all over again I would absolutely take the Carnival Liberty and the Triaxe Tour for vacation again!

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