Uber Makes Moves To Improve Options For Riders With Accessible Needs

At this point we all are familiar with Uber, the ride-share company, but did you know that there are also options available for those with accessible needs such as mobility scooter riders? A recent partnership with a company called MV Transportation has positioned Uber to offer more options for those with accessible needs! This new partnership will help Uber to provide options in approximately 30 states in the US and also in Canada!

Through the partnership, Uber will be able to add hundreds of accessible vehicles to its services which will span across six cities that include: New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Toronto. Uber estimates that riders with accessible needs can expect wait approximately 15 minutes or less on average. Uber also plans to decrease wait times in San Francisco and Los Angeles down to 15 minutes. Uber estimates that rides in eight aforementioned cities account for half of all Uber trips in North America.

To date all of the rides offered via this partnership between Uber and MV Transportation are operated in vehicles owned by MV and operated by their trained drivers. The cost for riders with accessible needs will be close to the same as the cost of UberX.

Uber’s service geared toward those with mobility needs is called Uber Access. Through Uber Access, riders can request UberASSIST and UberWAV, which are services for toward those with mobility scooters or wheelchairs.

While this service definitely has room to go because there are many more cities that are in need of these services we think that this is at least a good start and for that we salute Uber. Contact us at info@dtscooters.com to find out which scooters we think we work best for ride-share services like Uber and more!

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