West Coast Mobility Scooter Friendly Cities

The number of mobility scooter-friendly cities is rapidly increasing, opening the doors to travel all over the world. Some of those cities are right here in the United States. The west coast has fantastic cities that have a lot to offer for those that need the extra help getting around! We will detail some of our top west coast cities for scooter accessibility below:
Seattle, Washington
Seattle Washington has been given the #1 spot for accessibility from multiple credible perspectives. The city boasts an extremely accessible public transportation system, including light rail, ferries, city buses and accessible taxis. The sidewalks in Seattle are very easy to navigate as they are smooth and very scooter-friendly. The majority of attractions are scooter accessible as well, from the Space Needle to Pike's Peak, so the options are vast in what you can do.
Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles is another west coast city that is very scooter-friendly. Similar to Seattle, Los Angeles has a wide variety of accessible public transportation. All public transportation is barrier free, with easy roll on/off ramps on the Metro Rail and lowered floors on buses. Accessible taxis are also available although there is usually a high demand for them, so wait time can be longer than expected. When things to do are considered, most attractions, from Rodeo Drive, the Walk of Fame, the Hollywood sign and even the La Brea Tar Pits are readily accessible. Some areas do have steep inclines, but that can easily be navigated by a quick trip on the bus.
Denver, Colorado
Denver rounds out this list, having accessible public transportation in the form of light rail and city buses. Their fleet of accessible taxis is smaller than the other cities mentioned, but it is still a viable option. The city itself is very scooter-friendly, although the winter months may present a bit of a challenge due to ice and snow. Attractions such as the Botanic Gardens, US Mint, and Denver Zoo among others are fully scooter-friendly, allowing for your time there to be completely enjoyable.
Airports and hotels in these cities are also scooter-friendly, so your trips can be a blast without the stress of mobility issues holding you back. Feel free to contact us with any questions on purchasing a scooter or booking a trip to one of these wonderful cities!

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