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Dynamite travel scooters ("Dt scooters") is an authorized online retailer that provides high quality customer service and the best prices online for mobility and urban scooters as well as electric bike ("Ebike") products. The dt scooters store is a subsidiary of the parent company, dynamite travel, which is a travel planning consultancy. Dynamite travel, llc has been in business for over 15 years and is a nationally certified small business. Dynamite travel has seen clients and family members who were not able to travel because of mobility challenges; therefore, we made it our goal to help as many clients as possible to achieve their travel and mobility goals and dreams of having a more independent lifestyle. Our goal has always been to give each customer a five-star experience and we want you to feel the same as you browse through our hand-picked mobility scooter collection. We have selected scooters and ebikes that we think are most ideal not just for those who travel but also for those on the go and for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and increased independence! Dt scooters provides high quality scooter and ebike products and exceptional customer service giving you a memorable shopping experience! To show you just how important your mobility and independence is to us, we will give each customer that purchases a scooter from the dt scooters store a credit of up to $100 on their next vacation when they book with dynamite travel!

What we provide

From the initial point of contact, dt scooters will work with you to answer any questions that you may have during the purchasing process. Additionally, dt scooters has conducted research around the world and collected customer feedback to provide the best products that we think will help to make your purchase the perfect one for you! We strive to make each purchase seamless and stress free for our customers!

Our mission, vision, and values:

Mission: to provide high quality assistance to each customer to ensure that they have an unforgettable shopping experience.

Vision: to become a leading travel consultancy for customers around the world.


B – best: we will strive to always give you our best. It’s what you, our valued customers, deserve!

L – life: we all only have one life to live. Our goal is to assist you in making sure that you live the best life that you can through memorable experiences!

A – accountability: we take full accountability for your shopping experience. It is our honor to serve you and we only want the best for you!

S – savviness: we are firm believers of continuous education and we will educate each customer. It is our goal to make each of our valued customers savvy in the products that they purchase!

T – thankful: we value you as a customer and want to make sure that you never forget this as long as you’re our customer!

Meet the owner

Dr. Terika l. Haynes is the ceo of dt scooters. She is also the ceo of dynamite travel which is a full-service luxury travel planning consultancy. Over the years, dr. Haynes has traveled the world and at times had to do so while injured with limited mobility. She had to use crutches and wheelchairs in eastern europe, a cast in china, and the list goes on! It was through these experiences that she saw the importance of having reasonable mobility options available for those who love to travel and live an active lifestyle. Dr. Haynes was also very close to her grandmother who suffered with extreme mobility issues before she passed. With improved mobility options it may have allowed her to have more experiences with her grandmother before she passed. Dr. Haynes created the dynamite travel scooters ("Dt scooters") online retail store with the goal that it will expand the awareness and availability of mobility options to the masses so that more people can experience memorable vacations, active and independent lifestyles, meet their fitness and adventure goals, and enjoy invaluable time with their loved ones. The team here at dt scooters, along with dr. Haynes intend to continue to achieve and surpass that goal for years to come.

Our business is registered and currently located in florida with distribution warehouses across the usa. We use top notch shipping distribution services through ups, fedex, first class priority mail, and other reputable logistics companies to help ensure that your scooter and ebike products will arrive to you as soon as possible.
Over the years we have been able to develop a favorable reputation online by providing great customer service! Our store carries top brands and products for mobility scooters, urban scooters, and ebikes. We have an amazing internal team that’s extremely excited about not only growing our business but more importantly serving customers and helping to make vacationing, fitness, and increased mobility and independence within their reach in any and every way that we can.
If you need any assistance with the details about our products or would like to check the stock levels of our inventory, feel free to use the “contact us” page, our our website chat feature, or contact us by telephone and we look forward to helping you!
Please note that the mobility scooter products in our store are scooters that should be used for improving and/or maintaining mobility in your daily activities. The mobility scooter products in our store are not medical scooters or medical devices and do not and are not intended to provide medical benefits, medical assistance, medical therapy, or treat or alleviate any medical condition or disability. We recommend that customers and/or those that will use the mobility scooters from our store be able to stand and walk independently or with limited assistance and have good vision, strength, coordination, and balance to safely operate the scooters and all other products available for purchase in our store. We also recommend that riders be able to mount and dismount their scooter and all other products within our store without help, or high risk of falling.
Please note that we are not licensed physicians, providers, therapists or any other type of licensed/certified healthcare professionals and cannot assist with any medical related questions. We highly recommend that you seek your medical provider for specific questions related to any medical conditions that you may have.
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