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Trust me I looked all over for this scooter….I had to have it with the arm rests (which were sold out everywhere) well they made it happen and quick! I received my scooter today and its awesome. Haven’t gone out just rode around inside first to get used to it. Like I said scooter is amazing….all the bells and whistles and its pretty too!! The only thing its heavy but thank God I have a husband because I don’t think I’d be able to lift inside SUV by myself. The main reason I’m writing this review is just to say if you’re on the fence about the scooter or the company you will not go wrong either way. I truly want to say its been some of the most excellent customer service I’ve ever received especially since everything was online. The ease of order, quick response to any questions…everything was truly outstanding! Hopefully, my scooter will last my lifetime but if it doesn’t this is the first place I will go to! Thank you dtscooters!!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience with us. We endeavor to provide the highest level of customer service to each of our valued customers. We hope that you enjoy your new Teqno scooter!

Minnette Stevenson
Excellent customer service

I haven’t received my EV Rider TeQno AF scooter yet it is on the way. However, I just wanted to say that their customer service is top notch and beyond. They answered all my questions very quickly and went above and beyond communicating to me! I can’t wait to receive the scooter but I wanted to say you guys ROCK!

Monique Hampton

What can I say this is quite the nifty scooter! I love how it folds up easy. But I found it a bit tricky at first to find the button to turn on, to push the button to start the unfolding process.
I found it to be by the charging port. This scooter rides smooth & easy ! Super quiet! When you put it in reserve, no beeping noise. I love the panel once you turn it on. Nicely lit up & can read easy. I like that it has headlights which is a big help when driving around at night. It also comes with 2 laser light beams to assit you if you wish. But they can be turned off if you wish. It has the time clock on it, but seems to be in 24 military time. I hope that can be changed when I look at the booklet some more. On the panel, it also shows the temp reading, but in Celsius. I hope that can be changed too. My husband comments that I have the fancy scooter with all the bells & whistles! Looking at both our scooters you would think mine is more expensive, but you would be wrong! His scooter cost more then mine! Looks like the wife got the better deal! Can hardly wait to take my new scooter for a spin @ Disneyland when it opens back up!

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your new Teqno scooter! We are happy to hear that you are happy and satisfied and yes please let us know how your experience is when you make it to Disneyland!

Friou Allen

D T Scooters is an awesome company to deal with and Tina was fantastic she answered all my questions and put up with me. Great communication and great price. I purchased the EV Rider TeQno AF S26 Mobility Scooter and it is Great, very smooth and quiet. It is very easy to operate and I love it. I highly recommend this scooter and DT scooters. You won't be disappointed.
Friou Allen

Thank you so much for taking time out to provide us with your feedback! We are happy to hear that you were pleased with our services and with your new Teqno Mobility Scooter! We hope that you enjoy!

Lawrence Sons

EV Rider TeQno AF S26 Mobility Scooter - from DT Scooters

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