The Rise Of Urban Scooters

Here at DT Scooters we value mobility for everyone and that includes urban commuters! The use of urban scooters have been on a rapid rise over the last few years as people have really caught on to this new trend! With some scooters reaching speeds as high as 20 mph customers have been won over on the concept of commuting and learning that scooters can make a stressful commute much easier! Below we have provided general information on urban scooters! Urban scooters first started to show up in California but since then have grown and quickly expanded. Now urban scooter...

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Scooter Sitting Exercises To Help Your Mobility

DT Scooters believe that mobility is more than just riding on your scooter. It’s also about how well you can move on your own! Therefore, we have provided you with three helpful exercises that can be done while sitting down or sitting on your scooter (while it is parked of course)! Knee Lifts – this exercise will help to strength your legs will also helping circulation as well! This exercise is one that you can do while watching tv or anything else that you may be doing while sitting! To start you want to make sure that you are sitting...

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Dynamite Detail: DT Scooters' Top Airlines Picks For Scooter Riders

Some of us love to travel and others may hate it but one thing we can all agree on is the airline and/or your flight can make or break your travel experience. Therefore, we have provided what we consider to be our top 3 airline choices for scooter riders below! JetBlue We love JetBlue as a preferred airline for scooter riders because of the leg room! This airline boasts that they have one of the most spacious areas for legroom within the industry! Having more legroom can help those with mobility issues with sitting down and standing up from their...

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Celebrity Edge's Magic Carpet Offers New Technological Accessibility

If you have traveled on a cruise vacation with your scooter you probably know that ports that require a tender can be very challenging. For those who may not know what a tender is, some ports do not allow large cruise ships to dock because of the size of the ship, size of the port, or other reasons. Because of this rule ships have to anchor in the sea/off shore and use small tender boats (which are smaller boats) to take cruise passengers to the docks at the port. In the past it has been quite difficult for those who...

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Dynamite Detail: Scooter Accessibility In Vienna

Vienna, Austria has just been named the most livable city in the world, moving Melbourne (Australia) from the top of the list! We are quite excited about this as Vienna is a beautiful city! Did you also know that Vienna is also very scooter accessible? Vienna has continued to work feverishly and strategically on their long-term plan of becoming a barrier-free city for more than 20 years. As an example, the city has even included accessibility in some of its building codes and other regulations to emphasize just how much of a priority it is. Their efforts have not gone...

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