The New Q Runner Electric Transport Enclosed Cabin Scooter Is Here!

The QPod has been a very popular enclosed scooter for DT Scooters in the past. However, we often got questions from customers on features that they were looking for that the QPod did not have. We have great news for you in that the new Q Runner enclosed electric transport scooter has now been released! The Q Runner electric transport is a new and improved version of the QPod that comes packed with additional features that you are sure to love! The Q Runner electric transport has a sunroof offering more lighting and air for you as you ride! The...

Jul 21, 2019 0 comments

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Dynamite Detail: The TerrainHopper - The All Terrain Mobility Vehicle You Need To Know

New to the market is the TerrainHopper, a brilliant all terrain mobility vehicle that is unique within its class! The TerrainHopper is an electrically powered off-road all terrain mobility vehicle with a creative design, innovative technology and breathtaking performance. The TerrainHopper is engineered to be able conquer all types of terrains including but not limited to: deep mud, soft beach sand, snow, rocks, and steep hills. The TerrainHopper has a ground clearance of nearly 10 inches and a 35 degree climbing capability and some have coined it as a “mini Land Rover”. If you enjoy the outdoors and adventure and...

May 17, 2019 0 comments

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Dynamite Detail: Three-Wheel Vs Four-Wheels Scooters

For those of you who are purchasing a scooter for the first time you may feel overwhelmed with all of the features that are available including the option of having three or four wheels. We have provided information below that may help you to make an informed decision! Three-Wheel Scooters: These scooters tend to be smaller and more compact than four-wheel scooters. As such, they are usually able to have better maneuverability and turn in less space than four-wheel scooters. Some may have concerns with a three-wheel scooter not being stable or may have fears of these scooters tip over....

Mar 27, 2019 0 comments

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Uber Makes Moves To Improve Options For Riders With Accessible Needs

At this point we all are familiar with Uber, the ride-share company, but did you know that there are also options available for those with accessible needs such as mobility scooter riders? A recent partnership with a company called MV Transportation has positioned Uber to offer more options for those with accessible needs! This new partnership will help Uber to provide options in approximately 30 states in the US and also in Canada! Through the partnership, Uber will be able to add hundreds of accessible vehicles to its services which will span across six cities that include: New York City, Boston,...

Mar 09, 2019 0 comments

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DT Scooters Adds E-bikes!

The use of electric bikes ("E-bikes") is on a rapid increase and there is good reason! For some who still have some mobility electric bikes are a good option as well as for those who have no mobility challenges but enjoy biking longer distances! According to an industry consulting firm named eCycleElectric, in 2017 approximately 36.5 million e-bikes were sold worldwide. In the United States, approximately 263,000 were sold but it is anticipated that this number will continue to rise. Because of this and increasing requests from our customers we have also added a number of E-bike products to our...

Mar 03, 2019 0 comments

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